My breasts are so heavy for my skinny body

My breasts are so heavy for my skinny body


  1. Couple things here I had to unpack. First off that is marbling above your mirror not water stains correct? Cause if it’s not water stains girl you got a bathroom I’d kill for, now onto you… pardon me for saying it but damn girl your cute

  2. Stunning Mesmerizing Beautiful Arousing Stimulating gonna be masturbating You are incredibly Delicious.

    Left turn…Changing the topic, my first wife complained about the very same thing and had a kot of back aches. She was a beautiful little Portuguese girl barely 5 feet tall and was big like you are. She kept saying she was going to get a reduction….and I would go into shock 🥺

    Right turn…..I can’t help but wonder what making love to you would be like…..amazing and incredible is what I am thinking. Thanks for your post, I am sure I will look at it often tonight.
    I am an Ass and Legs guy, it appears that is spectacular as well. Kiss

Would I give you a hard time if I sent you pictures like this?

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